Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Back...

So, after months of only using my blog to promote job related stuff (my old one), I've finally gone back and deleted all of those useless posts so that I can refocus this blog on things that actually matter to me. And while I may throw in a post or two highlighting what I'm working on in my new gig, I am going to try to keep this primarily about my life, my thoughts, and the various projects that I'm working on. Speaking of new projects, here is what's been going on in the past few months...

The biggest recent development is (of course) my new job! After two years at Mahalo, I really felt like it was time to move on. While the start-up life was exhilarating and fast paced, and I learned an incredible amount, the constant stress and the ridiculous work load just became too much for me to handle. Work/Life balance is important to me and I was tired of being on call 24/7. Maybe that makes me un-epic...if so, then so be it.

My new job, in contrast, is less stressful, gives me more responsibility, and pays more to boot! I'm now working for a company called Internet Brands, Inc. and my official title is Content Manager. Basically, I'm in charge of organizing the creation of content for IB's portfolio of Automotive websites, including CarsDirect and It's a lot like what I was doing for Mahalo, just on a much bigger scale. And while I'm certainly no car expert, I'm going to be recruiting a bunch of freelance writers that are.

Another perk of my new job is that I actually have my own personal workspace. Not a cubicle, per se, but an actual area to call my own. No more squeezing in a giant table with a bunch of other people and getting moved around every couple of weeks. Besides that, I work on the 11th floor of a building with amazing views of LA all around. Eating my lunch from the break room, I can watch airplanes take off from LAX with the Santa Monica mountains in the background. Pics below:

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